Overwhelmed and worried about the future of your farm or business?

Managing people, daily operations and finances, especially in a competitive market with tight margins, is a lot.

You don’t have to do it all alone.

Our team is here to show you how your farm or business can be more efficient and more profitable, and how to take control of your finances, so you can be confident in the future of your business.

We offer consulting and full-service management of farms and businesses that want to reduce costs, increase efficiency and performance, and take control of their finances so they can be confident in the future of their business.

Farm & business consulting services

Many farm and business owners lose money, time and sleep because their processes are inefficient, they struggle to find and keep good employees and tight margins make cash flow tough.

It’s possible to be more efficient and build a loyal team, all while being more profitable.

Our consultant team does a full assessment of the farm or business in these three key areas:
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Uncover opportunities to reduce labor and expenses while increasing production and performance

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Restructure and train employees to work better, faster and smarter

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Take control of your financial picture through cash flows, balance sheets and accounting

Complete Management Consulting team on farm

How consulting works

Boots on the ground evaluation icon

An in-the-trenches assessment of each area of the business: organizational structure, operations and finances.

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A list of opportunities to increase efficiency and cash flow.

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Guidance and support to take action and implement effective changes

You could keep trying to do it all yourself…

manage people, cut costs, know your numbers…

but that takes time you don’t have and causes stress that comes home with you at night.

You don’t have to do it alone.

We’re here to walk side by side with you and show you that there’s always a solution.

Learn more about our client John’s experience working with us and read what he has to say.


“Working with the Complete Management Consulting team takes a lot of the stress out of running our dairy.

We’re getting more milk and higher components, and our milk quality is under control. We no longer worry about employees showing up to milk. And we are clear on our cost of production so we can make informed financial decisions. We now feel confident in the future of our family farm.”


Dairy Farmer (500 cows), Wisconsin

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Complete Management Consulting Team working on farm with client

With our consulting services, you receive:

  • Experienced managers who look at every aspect of the farm or busines
  • Recommendations to improve operations, organization and finances
  • Support and guidance to implement lasting changes
  • Opportunity for ongoing support in management areas
And a future for your farm, family and business that you feel good about.

Our brand promise to you

Boots-on-the-ground guidance for more profitable, efficient and financially sound farms and businesses

Full-service management services

Dairy farms don’t stop when there is a crisis.

Cows still need to be fed and milked. Crops must be planted and manure hauled.

But a time of crisis may mean the farm ownership is not able to make management decisions. Or in a foreclosure situation, an interim manager is needed to keep things running or get them turned around.

That’s when our team steps in to assume full operational management.

Rachel Ecker discussing farm financials with Complete Management Consulting client

We have experience working with receiverships to not just manage bank-owned farms, but to turn them into profitable, saleable businesses.

Complete Management Consulting Farm evaluation

With our full operational management services, you receive:

    • Experienced managers who look at every aspect of the farm or business
    • Recommendations to improve operations, organization and finances
    • A trusted management team to put these recommendations into action
    And peace of mind knowing that during a crisis, the farm or business is in good hands.