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A+ grade - Four things dairies need to do to stay in business

Four things dairies need to do to stay in business

In any industry, we often hear of the three tiers. The top tier is successful, thriving businesses positioned for sustainable futures, while the bottom tier is the struggling businesses that will likely not exist five years from now. In between lies businesses that could go either way.

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Rachel looking at farm financials with client

Get back in the black by increasing cash, cutting back on costs

Tough times call for hard conversations and difficult decisions, and my role is often to lead the charge through uncomfortable situations in order to find the best solution for a dairy to work its way back into the black. Learn how to improve your dairy’s financial position by increasing income and reducing expenses.

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Cows in a barn - helping farmers manage their business

How to make milk for less than $15 per hundredweight

Turning a profit during tough times doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does have to be different. The survival of a dairy depends on breaking away from the same old ways of doing things, and implementing some of these strategies.

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