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Based in New Holstein, Wisconsin, serving farms and businesses in the Midwest and beyond

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses Complete Management Consulting’s services?

Complete Management Consulting serves both farms and businesses that are ready to reduce costs, increase efficiency and performance, and take control of their finances so they can be profitable and confident in their future.

The consulting and management client list includes

  • dairy farms ranging in size from several hundred to several thousand cows
  • crop farms
  • utility companies
  • feed mills
  • equipment dealerships
  • other agri-businesses

Banks and lending institutions also contract with us to provide full operational management of farms in crisis or undergoing bankruptcy or foreclosure.

What’s the difference between consulting services and full-service management?

We offer clients the ability to cater the level of consulting and management to their specific needs.

For some clients, that looks like routine meetings to evaluate operations, organization and finance. 

Other clients bring our team in to assume the role of general manager, where we make all the business decisions for the operation so that it is positioned to be profitable, viable or saleable.

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What makes Complete Management Consulting different from other consulting firms?

Some consulting firms come in, make their recommendations and leave the farm or business owner with an overwhelming list of changes.

But our team doesn’t leave a list on your desk and run. We get right in the trenches with you to understand their operations.

Then, we stay with you and work alongside you to implement effective changes and provide support along the way. When necessary, we lead the difficult conversations between lenders, vendors, families and employees. 

And finally, we provide ongoing assistance to keep farms and businesses operating efficiently and cash flowing.

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