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It takes a lot to manage employees and daily operations, let alone your farm or business’s finances in a competitive market with tight margins.

You don’t have to do it all alone.

Our team is here to stand right next to you in the barn or in your business and show you the actions to take to be profitable, efficient and in control of your finances and your future.

Pauly Paul conversing with Complete Management Consulting client
Maybe you’re familiar with this story

Five years ago, John couldn’t sleep at night.

He was running a dairy farm with his two brothers, and the daily stress was keeping him up.

He worried about …
  • Who would show up to milk the next morning?
  • How would he pay the feed bill?
  • What would happen if his milk plant cut his contract due to milk quality issues?
And the long-term future weighed heavily on his mind too …
  • Would this farm be able to sustain their three families?
  • Would he be able to pass the farm onto his children in the future?
  • Or would he and his brothers be the last generation in their family to have the opportunity to farm?

That’s when John knew he needed help.

He called Complete Management Consulting.

Pauly Paul and his team got right in the pens and parlor to do a full evaluation and offer recommendations on how to improve efficiency, increase cash flow and reduce operating expenses. They sat down at the table and dug into the financials.

But they didn’t just write the recommendations on a piece of paper and leave.

Complete Management Consulting worked alongside John and his brothers to implement the changes.

Complete Management Consulting Team working on farm with client

The results:

  • Before long, the dairy was producing more milk and making more money.
  • Feeding, reproduction and milk quality all improved.
  • Employee issues were resolved.

Now, five years later…
John and his brothers continue to work with Complete Management Consulting on a weekly basis to provide on-going support for farm management and bookkeeping.


And most importantly, John sleeps better at night because he is confident in the future of his family’s farm.

“Working with the Complete Management Consulting team takes a lot of the stress out of running our dairy.

We’re getting more milk and higher components, and our milk quality is under control. We no longer worry about employees showing up to milk. And we are clear on our cost of production so we can make informed financial decisions. We now feel confident in the future of our family farm.”


Dairy Farmer (500 cows), Wisconsin

About Complete Management Consulting

Complete Management Consulting is a group that specializes in consulting and full-service management for farms and businesses that are ready to reduce input costs, increase operational and employee efficiency, and take control of their finances so they can be profitable, sustainable and have the edge in a competitive marketplace.

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I spent some time managing farms that were going through bankruptcies and foreclosures, because the owners struggled to be efficient and profitable. Most had no clue about their true financial picture until the banker told them it was too late. I saw people lose their farms – their family legacies – the opportunity to pass it onto their children – because they didn’t know how or who to ask for help.


And that’s why I founded Complete Management Consulting:
To take financially struggling farms and businesses and bring them back from the brink of bankruptcy, or better yet – prevent them from ever getting that far.


My grandfather always said, no matter how big a problem might seem, there is always a solution. That has become our motto, and it’s the attitude our team members carry with us every time we walk into a barn or a business.


We’re here to help you. 

Pauly Paul

We focus on these three areas when many farms and businesses struggle:

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Uncover opportunities to reduce labor and expenses while increasing production and performance

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Restructure and train employees to work better, faster and smarter

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Take control of your financial picture through cash flows, balance sheets and accounting

Ready to get started?

Our brand promise to you

Boots-on-the-ground guidance for more profitable, efficient and financially sound farms and businesses

Meet Pauly

Pauly Paul Owner Complete Management Consulting

Pauly Paul is the owner and founder of Complete Management Consulting, LLC.

Developing a “Boots on the ground” approach

Prior to founding Complete Management Consulting, Pauly spent several years running bank-owned dairies and successfully bringing them back from bankruptcy to a bottom line in the black. This experience, combined with more than 15 years working in dairy cattle reproduction, developed the “boots on the ground” approach he is known for in assessing all aspects of business organization, operations and finance.

About Pauly

Based in New Holstein, Wisconsin, Pauly and his team of management consultants serve farms and businesses throughout the Midwest and beyond, and his expertise is sought internationally.

Pauly and his wife Cheryl have two daughters, and when he’s not consulting and managing farms and businesses, he is farming, hunting or competing in fishing tournaments.

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