We help farms and businesses work smarter, increase income and take control of their finances

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Boots-on-the-ground guidance for more profitable, efficient and financially sound farms and businesses

We offer consulting and full-service management of farms and businesses that want to reduce costs, increase efficiency and performance, and take control of their finances so they are profitable, sustainable and have the edge in a competitive marketplace.

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Managing people, daily operations and finances, especially in a competitive market with tight margins, is a lot.

You don’t have to do it alone.


We walk alongside you

We stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients and show them how to reduce input costs, increase operational and employee efficiency, and take control of their finances so they can be profitable, sustainable and have the edge in a competitive marketplace.

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An in-the-trenches assessment of each area of the business: organizational structure, operations and finances.

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A list of opportunities to increase efficiency and cash flow.

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Guidance and support to take action and implement effective changes

Our Services

Consulting and Management services for farms and business:

Consulting services
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Uncover opportunities to reduce labor and expenses while increasing production and performance

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Restructure and train employees to work better, faster and smarter

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Take control of your financial picture through cash flows, balance sheets and accounting

Pauly Paul on consulting on a client's farm
Full-service Management

We step in during times of crisis, foreclosure or ownership transition and assume full operational management

“Working with the Complete Management Consulting team takes a lot of the stress out of running our dairy.

We’re getting more milk and higher components, and our milk quality is under control. We no longer worry about employees showing up to milk. And we are clear on our cost of production so we can make informed financial decisions. We now feel confident in the future of our family farm.”


Dairy Farmer (500 cows), Wisconsin

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A+ grade  - Four things dairies need to do to stay in business

Four things dairies need to do to stay in business

In any industry, we often hear of the three tiers. The top tier is successful, thriving businesses positioned for sustainable futures, while the bottom tier is the struggling businesses that will likely not exist five years from now. In between lies businesses that could go either way.

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Rachel looking at farm financials with a client

Get back in the black by increasing cash, cutting back on costs

Tough times call for hard conversations and difficult decisions, and my role is often to lead the charge through uncomfortable situations in order to find the best solution for a dairy to work its way back into the black. Learn how to improve your dairy’s financial position by increasing income and reducing expenses.

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Cows in a barn - helping farmers manage their business

How to make milk for less than $15 per hundredweight

Turning a profit during tough times doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does have to be different. The survival of a dairy depends on breaking away from the same old ways of doing things, and implementing some of these strategies.

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